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The Rising

Book .5 Foster House Legacy Prequels

The Rising

The Rising: Foster House Legacy, has two prequels to Her Legacy the first book in The Foster House Legacy Series. The first prequel, Disgraced Knight, is a brand new series novella. The second prequel, Haunted Fortune, is a novella previously published in Cirque Du Delmort.

The Foster House was built centuries ago as a sanctuary and after some upheaval, it went dormant and has remained vacant, until now. The house and its special inhabitants have awoken and are in search of the one person that can cleanse the sanctuary. While a formal inhabitant is on the hunt to destroy another protector.

Disgraced Knight
A mission that went foobar…

In the military you are trained not to ask questions, Captain Brenton Young and his best friend Colin Jinkens know to follow the rules which is how they ended up on the wrong mission out in the middle of the desert.

A deal made to save a team…

Would you make a deal with a devil if you could bring someone you care about back to life?

A demon helps with an Escape

To survive Brenton has to escape from a military prison and become a wanted man.

Haunted Fortune
A historic town full of ghosts…

Nothing ever goes right when witches come to Boston, and even for Maggie, this holds true. The Boston area is an unsettled mess when the Foster House doesn’t have a family member in residence, and anyone from the thirteen families can sense the turmoil festering.

A witch prepares for battle…

The one shining light is she’ll see her cousin while she’s in town working the circus if she can keep her wards up and all the nasties out of her booth.

A chance meeting with the One…

A fortune seen leads to an unexpected loosening of invisible bonds and an end to protection.

A house that never rests…

Without the protection, no witch will be left alone, and only those who choose to stand with the One will remain unscathed.

“Choose wisely, Maggie.”

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